There are a lot of rules when dating girls. The ones I’m going to present to you are the most important ones, if you don’t accept them; you are going to face huge consequences. Click the link to get Jaipur escort service for dating girl

In dating girls, there are many laws and limitations that you should pay great attention to. Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget about them and do the easiest and the most natural things to us, which will absolutely lead you to failure dating girls. This is the reason why you have to pay particular attention to these four universal laws, if you get these right, you won’t have to worry about the rest.

· The first universal law in dating girls is always be the selector

This will sound like an extreme advice or other “self-help” stuff. The truth is that this advice is the most natural thing to guys and girls are expecting you to behave in this way. Most guys are dating girls and making sure that girls get the idea that they have power over them.

How is that possible?

They will do these with girls:

-Compliment them all the time -Ask them for their opinions about themselves -Making them their priority in life

A girl will seem to want these kinds of treatments from a guy, but the truth is that she wants the guy to do the inverse. Have you ever seen this? A gorgeous girl totally hooked on an abusive bad boy?

Yes, I’m sure you did. The bad boy will never compliment a girl nor give her more attention than he is giving to himself. I’m not advising you to bully girls, but I’m advising you to become bad boys while staying nice to girls.

· The second universal law in dating girls is never cry for help

I’ve seen this happen over and over: A girl will tell a guy that she doesn’t want him anymore and he starts following her and promising to change and to become a more “nicer” guy.

This will never work with girls. This guy will be killing all his chances with that girl.

Instead, he should have done this: Accept her decision and say to her: “goodbye and good luck”. Then he should have gone out that same evening, got with his buddies and found a new girl. Believe me, that girl who have dumped him would be crying and asking him to get her back.

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